I wanted to make a user interface aimed towards easing computer usage for the disabled. The application of this idea was on the XKeys XK-24 model customizable keyboard. The result was surprisingly effective, a roughly seventy function keyboard with only twenty four buttons! I used a combination of MacroWorks 3.1 programming and AutoHotkey scripting to assign keyboard functions and build shortcut macros to access letters not represented as a result of the button restriction.

It was difficult figuring out how to realize my idea of combination buttons filling out the keyboard within the confines of the MacroWorks software. I decided to involve AutoHotkey to broaden my development options. I'm proud of adjusting to the manipulation and modification of previously foreign hardwarel as well as the experience of turning the blank slate of the XK-24 into a unique and personalized piece of equipment. During Spartahack 2016, I learned and worked with Autokeys scripting, Virtual basic, how to use MacroWorks software, how to implement ergonomics into keyboard design while considering practicality. I think a slightly larger keyboard could greatly expand the possibilities of the Shorthand project.hhhhheeeeeeeee

Built With

  • autohotkey
  • macroworks-3.1
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