It is often easy to find oneself engrossed in the vastness of the internet. It was our duty to society to provide each and every man, woman, and child the opportunity for laughter and joy amongst their daily browsing activities. Hence, xkcd'd was born...born from the desire to bring intelligent comedy when least expected to deliver maximum enjoyment.

What it does

xkcd'd automatically curates an xkcd post based on what you are currently searching in Chrome, whether on Google or Bing. As a bonus feature, a interactive visual gallery of presidential xkcd mosaics and information about each of them is presented in honor of the upcoming election season (nicknamed "'merica Mode").

How we built it

xkcd'd is a Chrome extension. Thus, it was developed primarily using JavaScript. Additionally, the data crunching tasks related to the mosaic creation process was performed using python's image manipulation capabilities.

Challenges we ran into

The majority of the development team had no experience developing Chrome extensions. Thus, the related technologies had to be learned in order to successfully complete this project. Additionally, this project was not started until multiple hours into HackMIT due to technical difficulties with the hardware the team was planning on using for their original idea. Finally, the team had limited animation experience which made the added presidential xkcd mosaic show a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully created an application that works as we intended it to. It provides satisfaction to not only our team members, but all who we have demonstrated xkcd'd to. We believe that this application will provide joy to many users in the future.

What we learned

Never give up. We started late, switched projects a few times, and had never developed a Chrome extension before. Yet, our team was able to successful deliver a polished final project that will benefit a plethora of users.

What's next for xkcd'd

Feature enhancement, stability improvement, increased relevancy of the posts that are displayed to the user, and added functionality.

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