Xique was inspired by the movement of sustainable fashion and a new startup called Cavannas, which is an online retailer for sustainable clothing!

What it does

The app gives you daily suggestions on what to wear for the day based on clothes from your own closet or clothes sold by Cavannas. Xique considers things like weather, location, event type, time of day, your body shape, height etc to suggest three different outfits for your to chose from.

How we built it

Our developers learned Swift in less than 24 hrs to build the app for an iOS operational system. We started with a brainstorm of ideas that evolved into Xique. We then did a rough design on paper as a mock up which then translated as the Xique app.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was learning to use Swift to develop the app. We ran into small and big problems during the development process and even though our mentors hadn't worked with Swift before, they were of great help to our learning!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built everything from scratch! Our developers learned a new coding language and now feel more prepared and excited about whats next. We also came up with a long term plan for merging Xique and Cavannas together.

What we learned

We learned new technical skills that helped us to think of strategic ways to use technology for social innovation.

What's next for Xique

We will merge Xique with Cavannas and add new features: a social media component, a "purchase" button for suggested pieces of clothing that are not in your closet, a scan and upload option for clothes bought at a Cavannas online store.

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