What's next for Xiaoyuan-Epidemic Dialogue Robot

Robot based on intelligent dialogue engine, he can access WeChat to communicate with users at zero distance and solve problems

Its main functions are supply and demand of epidemic prevention materials and transportation, real-time international epidemic situation, psychological self-help of epidemic situation, peer inquiry of patients, and clues of epidemic prevention and control.

An outbreak, an issue to be resolved

1 – How to quickly locate reliable epidemic knowledge in scattered data

Check the latest outbreak policy to go to one news page, check the latest confirmed number to go to another Small program, check the latest protection knowledge, go to the official academic website, and put the letters scattered everywhere The integration of information as an external service as a unified service is a pain point for the public. Is just needed.

2 – How to get valuable epidemic information in a timely and convenient manner

At any time, through the natural language human interaction to get the latest knowledge and advisory. Everyone is not a hospital expert, although we do n’t know the disease Full academic name of poison, but the public has learned the latest consultation, knowledge, A power.

3 – Various rumors, how to ensure the truth and transparency of knowledge and information

Rumors are flying, policies are updated daily to ensure knowledge and information The authority of the source, authenticity is a manifestation of corporate and organizational capabilities

4 – How to quickly export epidemic knowledge

Effectively manage information and epidemic knowledge, contact the company's WeChat public account, and Calling the robot through, in a critical period, has a role of four or two jacks.

The main function of Xiaoyuan

1 Supply and demand of epidemic prevention materials and transportation

People all over the world are donating and transporting relief supplies. Want to know where the supplies are? Just ask the bot

2 International real-time outbreak

The epidemic data is changing every moment.What is the epidemic situation in your city? Ask Xiaoyuan, it will tell you everything

3 Outbreak psychological self-help

Psychological knowledge when the epidemic is at home

As a smart robot, Xiaoyua n supports voice + text interaction. In order to better serve users, when providing services, it can obtain information available from the corpus to achieve adaptive, virtuous data input-> output-> Enter it again.

4 Patient peer inquiry

Have you ever taken a transportation with a new crown patient, tell the bot your travel frequency, and he will tell you the answer

5 Epidemic prevention and control clues

Do you have a new crown patient around, tell the bot, it will tell you to the hospital and related departments

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