Have to Leave Xcode and Do Rearch in Browsers is SUCK!

Developers have to constantly interrupt their development flow by leaving Xcode to go a browser to search for what they need in their development.

Go to Google, Github or CocoaPod to search for their necessary libraries. Go to StackOverFlow to search for answers for a coding problem. Or ask that genius friend to help with this headache little bug.


An intelligent slack assistant that have answers to any of your programming questions.

Your wish is XGenius’ command. Just ask XGenius to find your favourite libraries, find answer to any programming questions or even send that genius friend a message and XGenius will do it for you without questions asked.

XGenius enhances you and turn you into that Know It All Superstar Programmer.

APIs & Sponsors Integration

Slack Give XGenius Bot a Command and You get what you want.

Ring Central Text That Genius Friend Directly Inside Your Xcode.

.Club Domain Join the Xcode Genius Club at http://xgenius.club


Hoang Do aka Troy - iOS Engineer & Founder at Lab X. You can find me via Github, Twitter or Linkedin

Support or Contact

Having trouble with XGenius? Feel free to report issues at our XGenius repo or send me an email at troy@xinstitute.space

What I learned

I have never build a server in NodeJS before and this hackathon was a fun learning experience. I learn how to use NodeJS server to create Slack Bot, send RingCentral message, find open-source library & create shorten link at xshort.club.

What's next for XGenius- Smart Slack Assistant for XCode Users.

I will plan to integrate Watson and other smart Natural Language Processing services for a smarter XGenius. Also plan to integrate StackOverFlow into XGenius knowledge base.

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