We got inspiration from the Wombo Ai website. The website allows you to generate artworks based on text input. It has several options for stylizing the image as well. But it's pretty limited in terms of features. Not only that, websites like pintrest, unsplashed that allows artists to share their creations are always limited. So, this is a unique marketplace as well where you can mint your art work (or generate one for you on the go) list them and earn some cash for your efforts Firstly, unlike competitors which don't have a nft minting feature, we do. Secondly, instead of having a limited checklist that you can choose your styles from, we have a lot of different customizations, ranging from styling options to image generation methods, and more.

What it does

The app woks like this:

  1. You log in using DeSo Identity
  2. The wallet is connected for you, in case you are already logged in you can move directly to the discover segment
  3. Look at the gallery of art, recently generated or made by other people
  4. Check art generated by you by clicking on your profile
  5. Generate artworks
  6. Customize those artworks
  7. Mint them as NFTs
  8. Get those NFTs directly in your wallet
  9. Pay the gas fee and publish those NFTs directly for selling
  10. Set the selling price and how many do you want them to be in circulation and well you are golden.

How we built it

We built everything using React, Redux and JS. We used python and google Collab for model training and writing and hosting. We use DeSo blockchain to mint NFTs and add the ability to sell them. We also used firebase to store images generated. We also used a couple of different apis to host images generated by the users which would make the work for making them NFTs much easier (DeSo has its own idiosyncrasies when it comes to the way NFTs work in the ecosystem)

Challenges we ran into

A ton of challenges along the way, including development errors, dev-production errors, connection errors, etc. The main challenge we ran into, however, was communication. Due to us being in different time zones, communicating was a major challenge. DeSo is always a pain, you think you can set up the dev env this time but you end up failing and wasting a lot of time. Using Redux for easier state management was quite tricky especially since I barely have experience using the framework. Model testing and hosting on Google Collab turned out to be more pain than needed. And CORS policy always finds a way to haunt me.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overcoming errors, and being productive throughout the weekend without getting distracted. Also, managing the time difference problem effectively. The fact that everything works, as intended

What we learned

Learned a ton about AI, ML, Decentralisation, DeSo, Blockchain, generative art, and nfts.

What's next for Artsy

Adding an option to send emails to users with their nfts via twilio. Also integrating with a database to cater for large input image sizes and gallery storage.

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