50,000+ sick infants and 4 dead because of melamine-laced baby formula.

Melamine causes kidney stones, renal failure. It was used for fake products because it passes as a protein during testing and is cheaper than real protein.

Also, Pavan bought a fake macbook charger that keeps heating up from amazon.

What it does

  • Manufacturers use XFChain to generate product tokens
  • Tokens are sent to wallet on purchase of product
  • Consumers verify that online retailer owns the product tokens before purchasing from them
  • Consumers register their product tokens providing their latitude, longitude coordinates in exchange for XFCHAIN coins

How we built it

we used ruby on rails for the wallet, react native for a mobile wallet, solidity for the contract, web3 to connect the contract to rails

Challenges we ran into

learning solidity, pivoting from a different idea where blockchain didn't make sense

Accomplishments that we're proud of

having a demo that shows how the process works!

creating a smart contract!

What we learned

solidity, how to get test ether, erc721 standards

What's next for XFChain

subscriptions on the rails app to be able to generate product coins

email verification from a domain of the product by the manufacturer

a downloadable wallet

sales force app to streamline tokenization of products

Built With

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