With the story and content of Wheels of Change, what’s the driving force of this project?

Despite Canada’s strong volunteer community, there is a lack of cohesive nationwide volunteer database accessible for people from all walks of life. Some volunteer databases such as; Student Opportunities Platform by STREAM are only exclusive to selected people. On the other hand, Charity Village and Volunteer Toronto are databases filled with lots of volunteer opportunities for all people. However, both of these platforms charge non-profit organizations in exchange for publicity and exposure. In fact, most non-profit organizations are underfunded. Some rely on limited grants and fundings from the government. How can underfunded organizations gain volunteers if these platforms are making money out of them?


Yi Terng (xerozzz)

Mualla Argin (margin25)

Arianne Rull (arianneghislainerull)


To dispute this disparity, Wheels of Change allows non-profit organizations to obtain valuable volunteers free of charge to create an impact in their communities.

These non-profit organizations are the key to fostering and leading social innovation.

Meanwhile, these selfless volunteers would be able to freely gain access to a reliable volunteer database.

How it works

  1. Search (Look for a volunteering opportunity that suits your preferences or strengthens from our list!)
  2. Apply (Choose one that you like and send an application to the organizer or organization to apply for the opportunity. )
  3. Carry It Out (Once the organizer accepts, ensure that you are on time and do enjoy every moment of it!)

Challenges we ran into

Our team faced difficulties in communicating with each other due to time zone differences.

With the timezone difference, some of us had to compromise by sacrificing our sleeping schedules.

In addition, sometimes the internet connection sucks. It’s difficult to be working on a project during a call with a bad internet connection.

However, we did not want time zone differences, sleep deprivation and a bad internet connection to hold us back from participating at SkyHacks 2020.

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