I have been in the business of developing extensions for Opencart for 4 years. When I got an opportunity to setup Xero accounting for one of my client, I thought it would be fun to integrate Xero to Opencart. I analyzed the extensions available in the market. There was hardly only one extension available and which was not meeting the needs of a serious Xero user either. I started it up as a light version for my own use and later enhancements were made to it to make it a generic product which can be used by any Opencart & Xero customers.

What it does

Extension can sync customers, inventory items, customer groups, sale orders and sales returns from Opencart to Xero It exports only new and modified records since last sync. Syncing can be done manually or schedule using a CRON job User can configure the mapping between Opencart order status with Xero invoice status which is a missing feature in other similar extensions

How I built it

It was developed as an Opencart extension using vqmod. Xero API was used to export data to Xero

Challenges I ran into

API used to return errors frequently in the initial stage. This is mostly due to invalid data. The response from the APIs were stored as log files and this helps the customer to analyze the issue, correct the data and export again

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There are only couple of products available which can help integrate opencart with Xero. I studied them all and tried incorporate features which are not available in any of them and I am sure this product is the best way to integrate Opencart with Xero. I have received positive feedback and encouragement from the buyers of the extension.

What I learned

I was able to understand the working of Xero better.

What's next for Xerocart

Providing a UI to view the log files in a user friendly manner so that user can find the data issues themselves and correct it

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