Huginn is an open source system for building integrations and reacting to data online. Huginn has the concept of Agents, which can be bundled as Ruby gems. Huginn Agents consume, record, and react to data, and can be chained together to make complex integrations. Huginn has 17,000 stars on GitHub and is actively growing.

This project is to create an OSS Huginn Xero integration that anyone can use. With this integration, anyone can send data from any of the myriad systems Huginn supports into Xero.


Here is a video of the integration in action!


First, install Huginn. Once you have Huginn running locally or on a server, install the new huginn_xero_agent and follow the instructions in it's README file in order to create a Xero Private Application. Once you have Huginn running with the huginn_xero_agent loaded, make a new XeroAgent in the UI and automate invoice creation to your heart's content! (Please see the video for an example.)

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