We noticed that we're all working with so many cloud apps that it's easy to forget the service or account where our files, emails, contacts are being stored. It's become such a problem that, according to a study by IDC we're losing 10% of our work week just looking for work content, or recreating items which do exist, we just couldn't find them!

Broadly our target user is anyone who uses cloud apps for work. More specifically the pain of working across services is felt in roles where access to content and knowledge is critical, like sales, customer success, research + journalism and legal.

Xendo not only makes your content available through a single searchbox, but you can use intuitive, natural language statements like 'project spec in bitcasa since last week' to drill-down to find exact items - all without leaving the app you're currently working with. In addition to 'search', Xendo helps users 'discover' information they have permission to see, but might not know existed, like a presentation created by a colleague in Bitcasa, by surfacing the content, in context while searching in Google. Last, but not least, anything that you can search and filter for, you can save as an 'alert' so matching content created in the future will get sent to you immediately or as a digest, daily/weekly/monthly.

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