The influencers market is more than a trillion $ market. Most of the influencers are non-tech by background. For them getting into crypto is needed and challenging at the same time. They want to boost their economy with their token. Small influencers wish to handle their marketing campaign by themselves only. But it's difficult for them to manage the campaign.

To sum up there are some common burning problems around influencers economy like.

1.Non-tech Influencers mostly don't write code but they want to own their economy with their own token 2.The distribution of token is problematic on a mass scale. 3.Collecting receivers address and for airdrop is difficult


We have built a no-code platform where any influencers can

  1. Create their token on a no-code platform with simple drag and drop
  2. Distribute the token (ERC20 + NFT + 1155) to the mass scale without knowing their address
  3. Every operation can be performed without writing a single line of code... from creating your token to distributing it.

How we built it

  1. Wrote solidity factory contract for the creation of ERC 20 and NFTs
  2. Wrote a contract for Drop
  3. Created SDK and deployed on npm
  4. Push everything to Aurora network and deploy there

What we learned

Near Aurora Mintbase Paras

What's next for Xeggo

Apply for grants and make it mainstream

Reference Links:

Built With

  • aurora
  • mintbase
  • near
  • paras
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