Recurring payment SDK + Dapp


Managing the payroll expenses for freelancers on a centralized system is always risky.

  1. Single point of control.
  2. Single point of failure.
  3. Settling/reconciling the accounts very difficult.
  4. Auditing process is very time-consuming.
  5. Lots of manual work involved in HR, Manager, Accountant part.


A humble attempt to build a decentralized unified platform where one can manage the database of the employee as well as automate their payment on recurring basis. At Xeggo, you can

  1. Enter the details about your employees.
  2. Assign the role and manager.
  3. Put the payment.
  4. Automate the payment on an hourly/weekly/daily/monthly basis through using CuSD/cEUR.
  5. Many more..

  6. Video Link : https://youtu.be/3e10TPamlIw

  7. SDK Link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@xeggo/sdk

  8. Explorer link: https://alfajores-blockscout.celo-testnet.org/address/0xC2b30d455C44f3B70ABB7c11A1EE69092F8Dc20E/transactions

  9. Product demo Link: https://round-wildflower-0046.on.fleek.co/#/

Project details

  1. ConntractCode: Here solidity code is written. This contract can easily take the entry of a company first, then enter the details about your employee like name, address, manager. Later you can do an update on the employee profile also. You can mention what rate a particular employee got to hire.

  2. Front-end code: This part is written in React with COntract-kit. This part is done. Need to work more on it with finished UX. (After hack it can be made full fledge).

Next Steps

  1. Wait for our realease at xeggo.co :)

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