We felt that many students with dyslexia in our school are often underrepresented and this causes a lack of motivation to continue studying and working hard towards a bright future. To help these students feel supported while building their cognitive skills we created the app called XdysleXia, that allows them to do brain puzzles that help improve their vocabulary, and memory.

What it does

This app provides different mind puzzles that help build students with dyslexia improve their memory, vocabulary and other skills they struggle with. One of our games uses images to help students learn complex words, another helps them practice identifying different letters they struggle with and lastly a fun color memory game helps improve their memory skills.

How we built it

We build this app using javascript from the website called codeHs, this was our first time really building a complex app and since we all had experience using java and javascript we decided to uses basic javascript to type our code in. We started with a blueprint that shows the different screens and how the app would look like, then created a basic outline of the app using simple buttons and other objects, and finally we used different images to clean up our app.

Challenges we ran into

We all worked with different coding platforms and it was hard to read each others work causing some miscommunications between our team. We worked around this by choosing a platform we all had some experience with and we were able to make a successful model of our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that our app was functioning like we had planed, and our design also looked very clean. We are happy to see all the different parts of the app moving together and working in a clean and organized fashion.

What we learned

Throughout the process, each of us learned part of a new language of code. Two of us, who had only ever learned java, coded in javascript and swift. We also learned how to step through code very carefully in order to debug it and to make sure your code is very clean therefore avoiding a lot of silly mistakes.

What's next for XdysleXia

In the future, we hope to build on existing games as well has add additional games. The Picture Match game, for example, has a small range of words that we hope to expand. We also want to add more user input so the user can customize the games to help them with things they struggle with. We can also have a chat feature that allows them to communicate with doctors and other students in their position in case of any problems may occur.

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