Find out what ideas the fantastic xero community of users have. The idea behind it is to take various idea which I think showcase the power of working with the API. I also don't think there is any other suites of tools like this on the xero marketplace.

What it does

Xeroids is a suite of small productivity tools with ideas sourced from the xero community.

I have tried to break it down in to 5 areas

Extending Data

  • Sales people to customers and generate a report of sales order with commission for each sales person.
  • Sorting purchase invoices by whether the supplier is direct debit, credit card or BAC - from Matt Portt of Portt and co
  • Buying Power - Accountants can create a common supplier and link their organisation suppliers it will then show them the amount of organisations and value spent. This could then allow them to negotiate deals on behalf of their clients thus increasing their offering to their clients. ie all firms using vodafone receieve a discount

Improving workflow

  • Intergration with UK Companies House and MTD VAT to create job on a trello board.
  • Bulk Receipts - A way of entering the supplier details once and creating multiple expenses for the one supplier over different dates on one screen. To reduce the amount of clicks when creating expenses.

Increasing Consistency

  • Accountant Playbooks - a list of definable manual journal templates and other automated skills. A wiki type search screen to utilise the journals
  • Skillbot - utilising the the playbook skills for with a chatbot utilising AWS Lex

Validation - Lead Generation - Client Growth support

  • Healthcheck - Organisations can run a healthcheck on xero and it will give them KPI in plain english and checklists on how to improve the situation. It will also look for suspect transaction that are usually hard to find including duplicate invoices, future invoice or journal transactions.

Future Tech

  • Sales Forecasting using Machine Learning ( A way to make custom model models based off xero data and other sources. Use various learning algorithm to work out the most effective learning model.
  • 100% Accurate Receipt App - Rehashing an old idea with a new twist. Utilising an industry standard JSON format which I would like to propose

Easter Egg

There is also a native new zealand mode.

How I built it

Late at night while waiting for my babies go to sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Improving peoples over all workflow.

I also used this as an example to all senior partners/managing partner at a large accountancy practice of what can be done and the future of accounting. They have a mixture of clients on old legacy desktop software and xero. It was clear after the meeting that the drive to move more people to xero was not just a trend or MTD related but the actual realisation that utilising xero's API in different ways. It can speed up process, customise the data to help them, create more billable work, highlight problems, increase consistency and add real value to their clients.

What I learned

I learnt how to use AWS Lex to create a bot. I learnt how to use the machine learning library.

What's next for Xeroids

I will keep adding features that will help end users.

I would have like to create a more succinct video but I ran out of time

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