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One of my friends told me about Amazon Dev Challenge on Devpost. As I was searching for the amazon challenge, I came across XDC challenge. Reading up on the requirements and past winners solutions, I was quite confident to take part in this Challenge. I had already worked upon CRM solution in my past internship, so it was the best platform to utilize my skills.

What it does

XDC is an application which can do everything. Integrated with Dashboard, this application provides the administrator visualization of the budget summary (Net Profit And Loss), past transactions, closing balance. It also shows past transaction, invoices, transactions, transfers. Admin can also initiate new transfers between demo accounts. Invoices can be exported as a pdf. New Contacts can be added and viewed. It can much more things. Try the application to test its capabilities.

How I built it

Using the sample SDK provided by Xero, I started building the application. I earlier thought to build the front end on Angular 6 but a few percent works were already present on SDK, so I build up the front end in handlebars.js and backend was made in Node.js. The workflow was, first I tested the API in the awesome Xero API viewer, without it won't be possible to make this app. After that code was developed in Node.js and handlebars.js and was deployed to Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

The main problem was time management. I came to know about this challenge one week before the deadline and so, I was unable to make the best project, I was dreaming. I had worked 10 hours a day on this project, working individually. com

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of building the application individually in such a short span of time.

What I learned

I learned time management, the best skill required in IT industry. Working 10 hours a day, I learned new technologies and templating engines in such a short span of time.

What's next for XDC App

I will be developing the next version of this application in Angular 6 and Node.js which will be more reactive, responsive and more easy to use.

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