We have been interested in the topic of decentralized autonomous organizations for about four years, as we understood that the future of cryptocurrencies is their collective management. However, we couldn’t find any functional and understandable DAO builder on the market, so we decided to create it ourselves, and assembled a team of developers.

How we built it

The first version of XDAO was created in just three months and launched in April of this year. We did this in order to better understand what exactly users want and collect as much feedback as possible. Our goal was very simple - to make the best DAO framework and DAO ecosystem, so we tried very hard. And finally, in November we launched XDAO V2 public beta testing on 4 blockchains: HECO, Ethereum, Polygon and BSC.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

XDAO has 3 killer features that make our product the absolute leader on the DAO builder market.

  1. Off-chain (gasless) voting system.
  2. Modular architecture.
  3. WalletConnect extension for direct DAO - DeFi interaction.

What we learned

The functionality and ease of use makes XDAO an absolutely unique product on the market. We are sure that a good DAO builder should be one of the fundamental projects in the ecosystem of any growing blockchain - as well as DEXes and lending protocols. Hence, we will implement support for new ones.

What's next for XDAO

In the first quarter of next year, we will launch the XDAO token, which will be integrated into the platform’s economy and will have real value. The token will be used to pay for modules, as well as other additional services provided by XDAO. Our goal is to become the standard of the DAO framework.

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