When Ken Thompson, the author of UNIX (together with Dennis Ritchie), was asked what he would change in UNIX, he replied that he would name the creat (sic!) function as create. There are lots of sources, e.g. this one. No comments. I should note that Ken Thompson together with other developers of the original UNIX have created the Plan 9 system that fixes lots of UNIX flaws. This function is called create in it :) He did it :)

What it does

For xcode supported project, we can check the misspelled word in your code, comment, document

How we built it

  1. Swift
  2. Xcode Extension support since Xcode 8.0

Challenges we ran into

How to implement this feature with super limited extension features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Check spell for a single file from menu command[Not done yet]
  2. Check spell for a whole project from build script

How to try it

  1. clone from GitHub: git clone
  2. open the project
  3. choose target spellCheckerCommand
  4. build the project

What we learned

What's next for XcodePowerPack

Built With

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