For any internet application, peak transactions time and volume are unpredictable

What it does

Mobile app that provides buying and selling functionalities of stocks and digital currencies.

How I built it

Use the ionic framework to retrieve stocks and digital currencies from the IEX API. Use AWS infrastructures to execute and store transaction data

Challenges I ran into

Connecting to Aurora Mysql cluster. Connecting to Aurora Mysql serverless cluster. Integrating AWS lambda function with mysql node package. Finding good stocks and digital currencies API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Knowledge of the serverless framework. Serverless framework making AWS integration a breeze. Broaden my knowledge of the AWS ecosystem.

What I learned

Emphasize on figuring out how to test what the challenge/hackathon is trying to solve

What's next for Xschange

Integrate payment method in the mobile app. Build the Xschange website.

Built With

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