City of New York is calling all the citizens to participate in a one of a kind, innovative project to reduce carbon footprint. This amazing project is a grass-root, bottom-up collaboration between Government and citizens for mutual benefits and for making the Earth safe place to our future generations!

Why do we need the help of the public?

Government alone cannot solve this problem. A massive problem needs to be solved by the masses. We cannot make progress on an issue that has not garnered public awareness. Through attaching IoT devices to public vehicles, we can increase the reach and mobility of the monitoring process.

Smart use of Internet of Things

Portable, mobile IoT devices that measure carbon. IoT devices can be produced in bulk, bringing down costs for the gov. These devices can be directly sold to the public to further relieve the cost burdens.

Most Effective Way to Measure Carbon Footprint

More sensors (high density of devices per meter) more accurate the measurements. Taking care of the IoT device is the end user’s responsibility, reducing the need for government maintenance crews. Raw data is immediately published for public access (currently, NYC releases data after 5 to 6 months).

Why Blockchain?

Can prevent tampering or inaccuracy of data metrics NYC officials could alter data to avoid costs. Traceability A small group of malicious IoT devices would not make a great impact. Openness Anyone can view the data; there is no reliance on NYC. Global reach

Plans for future

Higher rewards for user that can reach remote or obscure places. Use Algorand smart contracts to support features like: Lottery system Getting public votes on carbon policy decisions Measure additional pollutants like particulate matter, black carbon, etc. Can also measure additional metrics like temperature, humidity, etc.

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