We are intrigued by new ways to interact with connected devices. Having nearly ubiquitous internet access has opened up exciting new realms of connectivity and interaction that were previously impossible.

Augmented Reality provided us with eyes into the digital world but our product aims to further blur the lines by allowing users to directly interact with their new realities using their fingers.

X-Touch is one of these new experiments offers us a brand new way of interacting with the digital by providing a framework to synchronise touches from the screen to the physical coordinates in the augmented world.

This is primarily achieved by a combination of OpenCV technology to detect the screen and SocketIO which provides real-time websocket connection between our IPads and Chrome displays.

What sets this apart from a normal connection is that users will immediately see their changes materialise in front of them. The lines appear directly on top of where they point at.

Already we see possible use cases in creative Education and collaboration experiences, in addition to possible group art.

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