We have two med rad students on our team and during our clinical we saw room for improvement in emergency room queues. Especially since hospitals are moving to a paperless system, we thought this innovation would be very helpful.

What it does

Prioritizes requisitions in an emergency x-ray department, as large hospitals are moving away from paper and it is now more difficult to do it manually.

How we built it

Using a 4 loop to queue the protocols, by urgency, protocol and potentially time stamp.

Challenges we ran into

We decided to use flask for the first time this hackathon and there were some problems with integration that were difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3/4 of this team are completely new to coding, so everything.

What we learned

The new people learnt the basics of html and python, and our experienced member learnt how to use flask.

What's next for X-Tech

There are a lot more details that can be incorporated into this web app, some being time stamps (to increase efficiency), patient mobility (so the program can factor in the extra time to do the procedure), radiographer technologist input (so that changes to the queue can be made manually when circumstances change), and lastly it becoming a concurrent system so it can be realistically applied in an emergency room, with additional nurse, doctor and departmental input into the program.

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