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Inspiration---(Problem I solved)

In Building Construction, Securing and Transfers of files, Markups, Documents etc to and from Contractors, Subcontractors and Developers is very important as it ensures the security of documents and information being Shared. To this effect, Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS (Interplanetry File Transfer System) Technology was introduced.

X-Secured is a Smart Contracts Secured File Transfer System for Building Engineering Powered by BlockChain IPFS, Email and SMS. This application is the best in the world because no Installation Files is required on Client/End-Users side. Just call up any browser like Mozilla, Chrome and you are in there

Why Our App is the Best in the World.

1.)No Installation of any Files whatsoever is required. No Metamask, No DApp Browser etc. Just call up any Browser to Upload and secured your files on Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS

2.) Your IPFS Hashed Files Links is also save to your database on the fly

3.) Sharing of Secured Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS Hashed Files Links to your Clients is now possible via Email & SMS

4.) Direct Documents and Files Access from calls from Blockchain-Ethereum/IPFS decentralized Server.. See sample:

What it does

This applications allow Contractors, Sub-Contractors etc. to:
1.) Upload, Secure and save all kinds of files, documents, Images, Pdfs, Mockups, data etc. to Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS

2..)Easily Send and Share the Blockchain/PFS Files Hashed Links securely to Clients via either Email or SMS

3.)End User can access the files by click on the Blockchain Secured Files link sent to her via either Email or SMS

4.) Each Secured Files is loaded from Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS decentralized Server

Things to know about Storing Files in Blockchain-Etherum

It is very expensive to store a lot of data on the Ethereum blockchain. According to Ethereum’s yellow paper it is close to 20,000 gas for 256bit/8 bytes (1word). Based on 02/28/2018 gas prices of 4 gwei/gas. See: for current prices.

20,000 gas per Transaction of 8 bytes x 4 gwei/gas = 80,000 gwei for 8 bytes.

80,000 gwei for 8 bytes. x 1000bytes/8 = 10,000,000 gwei/kB = .01 Ether

.01 Ether/kB x 1000kB = 10 Ether to store a 1Mb at $860/ether = $8600.00! It would cost $8,600,000.00 to store a 1 GB file on the Ethereum blockchain!

To store Ethereum’s 38 page PDF yellow paper (520Kb) = $4472 USD. See: for conversions.

If we can only afford to store a couple of Kb of data on the blockchain, then we would still have to rely on a centralized server to store data. Thankfully, a solution to store data on decentralized network called the InterPlanetary File System (“IPFS”)is available. See: to read more. When looking up files in IPFS, you are asking the network to find nodes storing the content behind a unique hash. From IPFS’s own website:

“IPFS and the Blockchain are a perfect match! You can address large amounts of data with IPFS, and place the immutable, permanent IPFS links into a blockchain transaction. This timestamps and secures your content, without having to put the data on the chain itself.”.

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How X-SECURED stores data in BlockChain:

Here Contractor upload a documents, Files to IPFS and then store the IPFS hash on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the IPFS hash number is sent to the Ethereum blockchain, the IPFS hash is saved to Contractors/SubContractors Database. Contractors can then share the secured IPFS Hash links to any of his Clients via Email and SMS

How to use this Applications.

1.) Call up any Browser Eg Chrome, Mozilla and Signup and Login. No installation of MetaMask is required.

2.) Upload documents, Files, Images,Video's etc. to a decentralized Server called IPFS(Interplanetry File System) and then have the IPFS secured hash data sent and save to Blockchain-Ethereum.

3.) The Secured IPFS Blockchain Hash data is also saved to database on your account profiles. Easily share the IPFS Hash data links to your Clients via Email and SMS any time any day

4.) Your clients can now download and access the secured the files from Blockchain-Etherum/IPFS Decentralized Server.

What's next for X-Secured

Adding more End to End Data Encryption and Decryption

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