X-Press Cards

People are increasingly searching for more meanginful interactions with one another in a time where social media has permeated most of our lives. I thought of X-Press Cards when many people told me they liked the idea of receiving and sending a card, but yet they rarely do so. A postcard or greeting card is a tangibible gift that everyone should experience.

X-press cards is a website and soon-to-be mobile app that will allow users to upload a picture on their phone, choose and coordinate recipients with an online address-book conglomerator, and ultimately pay for the card to be printed by us and shipped to their friends and family.

The overriding goal for X-Press Cards is to bring people together using a combination of technology and thoughtful gits.

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[http://paulgruenbacher.com/xcards] X-Press Cards [http://github.com/pgruenbacher/xcards4] Repository [http://github.com/pgruenbacher/xcardsLaravel2]

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