X-Impact is inspired by the pressing need for change in individual behaviour when it comes to travel. With transport accounting for about a quarter of all EU greenhouse gas emissions, it is the second biggest greenhouse gas emitting sector after energy. We figured if we bring some data and smart analytics into the equation, we can help change habits and eventually, change the world.

What it does

X-Impact uses the robust travel data collected from HERE and combines it with the user's smartphone data. By doing so we can automatically detect which transportation method was used after each trip, and offer customised offers and behaviour suggestions to the user. The really cool part is, with this info we can easily calculate the carbon footprint (CO2) of each trip, and give the user a super simple call to action: "Offset this trip for just .50€" Additionally, brands can get in on the action and target users who have certain travel habits or make trips to specific events, and offer to offset the trip for them, or otherwise offer smart suggestions and advertisements.

How I built it

X-Impact was built using: iphone sdk, objective-C, and the HERE api. It is an iphone app which combines the users metadata with HERE data, and maintains the possibility of integrating other data sources such as the Airbus, TNT, or Deutsche Bahn api's.

Challenges I ran into

X-Impact ran into a few challenges in integrating the HERE mapping functionality on iOS, especially due to the lack of documentation out there for this case. Additionally it was a challenge to determine the best way to use all the available data, and to stay focused on a few specific use cases.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the HERE maps integrated into the iOS environment. Making a product that can actual make a difference in the world!

What's next for X-Impact

Change the world, one trip at a time!

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