Light Weight Flexible Size, Continuous Reliable Power Source

Our Solution will reduce the current batteries weight by up to 75% and provide flexibility in size and output power In Case of Immediate need for critical communication coverage our Isotopic Powered Cubesat kits attached to a high altitude balloon provide the required coverage

How we built it

  • Product of ARL's Dr. Marc Litz research - Prototyping completed, looking into industrializing design and manufacturing method
  • CubeSat Communication Kits(CCK)
  • Compact full power System Management for CubeSats
  • Up to 200kbps S-Band receiver and a 12.5Mbps X-Band transmitter

Challenges we ran into

  • All available used cases and application to buy-in
  • Managing the Cost to build and test the product
  • Finding solutions to reduce the cost of the product

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • Proof of concept - It has the potential to save lives
  • Reliable and continuous power management solution for the cube

What we learned

The importance of size power and weight, if managed properly you can enhance missions operation and survival rates.

What's next for X-DK Batteries

Raise Capital to set up logistics for our start up and commercialize our product.

Built With

  • beta-emitting-isotopic-batteries
  • cube-sats
  • high-altitude-ballon
  • nanosat
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