X.Change is inspired by a desire for universal human connection and understanding. Foreign (mostly exchange) students genuinely wish to learn more about Singaporean culture through friendships forged with Singaporeans. Likewise, locals yearn for the opportunity to better understand cultures all around the world through first-hand recollections. This benefits the student community, as students gain a broader perspective on life and work, and become multidimensional individuals capable of embracing diversity in the world.

However, many students fear bonding with people from differing nationalities; they prefer remaining within their cliques to risking conflict with others over cultural disagreements. As such, X.Change aims to bridge this fear of conflict, by connecting students with similar interests across nationalities under the broader objective of intercultural understanding.

Simply, all X.Change users must activate X.Change on their mobile app. This allows other X.Changers to see them on their map and view their profiles. If their interests are favorable, students are able to meet to use these interests as common ground to build a relationship.

Key features: The application is based on the latest W3C HTML5 standards, designed for the Firefox OS. As such, the application runs seamlessly on modern internet browsers for easy debugging and testing, as well as mobile phones running Firefox OS. The application may additionally be ported to Android and iOS platforms fairly easily.

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