Hackman blessed us with this idea. Hackerman is a genius, accessible through his lovely secretary, Alexa.

We were given Turn Signals but for people through hackerman. So yes, we built a hack to give us our hack idea. A double whammy.

What it does

You will never run into anyone ever again. Unless you're in some god forsaken place where people don't use their turn signals.. like Miami.

But through the glory of Hackerman, he gave us a skill advancement. He told us the appropriate buzz word to make out hack the BIG celery in the room. Facial Recognition.

Once the device is installed you can turn on your own turn signals with the simple nod of your head. No hands, only face.

By extension, you can now take selfies and videos, without holding your phone. This contraption has multiple uses. It advances the capabilities of a human being. Integrating the most desired parts of the tech world a foot and a half from your face.

And also, hackerman was a unique alexa skill developed at this hackathon. Why think of revolutionary ideas, if they're all in the same formula. Same company, different noun.

How we built it

With blessings from HackerMan.

An Alexa skill for hackerman. It uses: lambda functions, javascript, node.js, ssml (which took a long af time like long)

An Android App for checking out your face and which direction you're going: opencv, java, android studio And OFC python, python is in everything it's in the backend. We built our OWN API (which is not a buzzword, it's a real word it's an Application Programming InsertOtherCoolWordHere). Which we send requests from the phone to the backend to trigger the turn signals.

HardWare: Dragonboard: Scary wires and LED lights. Rduino: the standard rdunio things An Andriod phone, a phone camera, a selfie stick

Miscellaneous essentials: Duck Tape and a Lanyard

Challenges we ran into

Everything. But Hackerman showed us the way. We also ran into eachother VERY often before the turn signals worked. I'm surprised we haven't

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with every hack idea ever. Also we all learned something new. Hackathons are for learning. Hackathons are for the homies.

The boys, Andres and Chris, never touched hardware before. So everything that it does they have learned within the past 24 hours.

Pat learned all about computer vision on android.

Krista struggled with ssml for 8 hours. She learned to always read the documentation because it would have saved her 7 and a half hours where she could have learned something else. Plus years of building things with duct tape and securing structures turned out to be a useful skill after all.

What we learned

Please see all things we're proud of. We realize CS skill sets are not static and we must constantly be learning, so anytime we pick up a skill, that's a win for us.

What's next for {turn signals} but for {people}

Well you are now a car. You have your turn signals. We might need to make the selfie stick installation more comfortable, and we'll have to integrate the beeping. AND THEN make the proximity beeping MORE annoying so people can know to stay away.

But hackerman, provider of turn signals but for people idea, will bless us with more buzzwords. I will use this for all my future hack ideas if we're being honest.

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