X-Budget let's the user manage their finances in an easy and intuitive way. The app gives the user an insight of his finances by using statistics taken from users from his demographic group. The product presents the user's expenses and transactions in a simple and understandable way.

Our product let's the user understand his financial situation, and by that making him more aware of his transactions. This has proven to cause better financial use within users and reduce the unnecessary transactions.

We help the user by showing him a summary of his expenses versus the expenses of people similar to him. We give the user various options for him to save money in different categories, trying to make the most out of his money.

Our product comes to help people see all the different expenses they make in one simple platform. In the platform they can also get a sense of how well they manage their money compared to other people who are similar to them.

X-Budget allows users to set goals and targets such as 'Sped 200$ less next month' and the app would guide the user on what category he should save and help him reach the target. X-Budget is a personal financial guide.

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