As we know some companies recruit customer service to increase their credibility and service. however, it is quite expensive and time consuming for customer service because they are required to be ready 24/7. therefore I created a bot to be installed on the landing page of a company so that they can handle their customers. and it will save the company costs to recruit customer service.

What it does

This program runs like a customer service that can interact according to the configuration made by the business owner

How we built it

I built it using codeigniter as backend and jquery as the bot frontend

Challenges we ran into

There were many problems that i ran into. While i were still ideating the project, one of our biggest concerns was the users input. You can se that if the user input something wrong it may be have a fatal bug for this site. For this, i have to more fix the program flow again and it takes some whole a time. But its currently fixed and you can try it through the site

Next problem is about hosting the plugin, i am first ever know that there is cross origin system in javascript so i need to host my plugin into server that enable cross origin header for all domain. and then i know so i hosted my jquery plugin in there and the plugin start normally

What's next for X-BOT

I will make a business with this program and the develop a new feature that fit with business owner request

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