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Conversational Guidance For Nonprofit Leaders Leading Community Partnerships

Nonprofit leaders, get clear direction in communication skills that get results! Collaborating with community partners is only possible with the right conversation skills to engage, influence, and align to execute on client outcomes. That's why we created Leading Community Partnerships by MyExcelia®. It is a cloud-based platform designed by nonprofit leaders for nonprofit leaders who rely on community partnerships to grow and sustain social impact. Through conversational analysis, AI and pattern matching, nonprofit leaders improve their effectiveness in fostering powerful conversations with community partners that result in removing the MANY BARRIERS clients of nonprofits face. With improved community partnerships, nonprofit clients are set up for success.

We built Leading Community Partnerships around a framework of scientific-based communication skills to establish positive community partnerships. With our evidence-based communication platform, you get immediate, objective, and actionable guidance on partner conversations to build valuable relationships and genuine partnerships that bring great ideas to life through collaboration rather than discussions, emails, or texts that fail to meet desired outcomes. By gaining seamless communication through an automated dashboard, you spend less time worrying about weak community partnerships and more time leveraging powerful community partnerships needed to amplify the delivery of client solutions that impact clients' lives, communities, and the world. Reinvent your communication strategy and style with personalized recommendations that increase your overall effectiveness.

Our platform allows nonprofit leaders at every level to: • Utilize the platform for role-playing in training or a live conversation with community partners • Set partnership meeting outcome goals for each conversation to measure meeting impact • Select and identify raters to provide outcome success for designated conversations • Schedule meetings in advance through Outlook/O365 calendar integration to secure engagement with meeting participants • Invite meeting participants to opt-in to provide meeting outcome ratings • Be notified to ensure the data capture opportunity isn't overlooked • Ensure all meeting participants understand and agree to the recording • View an easy-to-understand stoplight assessment at the end of the meeting for participants • Gain immediate conversational insight into the amount of time spoken by the leader, the number of exchanges, and the emotional tone • Review an objective assessment of the frequency of keywords and phrases that drive meeting outcomes based on AI and pattern-matching • Access recommendations by meeting, review reflective questions and set a plan for the following community partner conversation • Be assured because Azure services power MyExcelia

Stop wasting time and resources spinning your wheels to engage effectively with partners. Engage powerfully through Leading Community Partnerships. To learn more, please get in touch with us for a 30-minute demo and explore options to engage and mobilize your community partners through conversation. With Leading Community Partnerships, you have peace of mind throughout the complex execution of community partnerships. Together, we'll increase your community impact through enhanced partnerships.

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