Sencha WYSIWYG Editor (sencha-wysiwyg-editor)

ExtJS WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your application views, source code and more.


  • Select a framework/toolkit(classic or modern) to build your ExtJS application.
  • Select your theming.
  • Select your device layout.
  • Select from a starter view package based on a template.
  • Visually design and create views using the WYSIWYG Editor:

    • Toolbox (Component pallet):
      • Draggable component list to select from.
      • Sorted and grouped components by hierarchy.
      • Search query filter to find components.
      • Contextual component documentation.
    • Component property editor:
      • Sorted and grouped component (configs and events) properties.
      • Modify selected component properties.
      • Search query filter to find properties.
    • View/Source Code editor (WYSIWYG):
      • Realtime application preview.
      • Multiple views interface.
      • Show underlying JavaScript code for the view.
      • Drag in ready component editor.
      • Theme related ui representation.
      • Realtime source code rendering.
      • Auto-generated source code.

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