My Amazon wishlist is unfortunately effective at emptying my bank account on the internet, and being able to do that in real life seemed like a pretty solid business plan

What it does

wyshlist lets users pick categories of items they're interested in buying ("A new jacket," "A pair of boots") and then uses iBeacons to connect them to deals at their favorite stores

How we built it

Bootstrap, Angular, Haskell, Bluetooth LE. Runs on an AWS instance

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't find a real iBeacon, so we had to get a Mac running Mavericks to emulate one. Our team is very new to the hackathon scene, so understanding exactly what goes on at a hackathon and best practices for sleeping, eating, etc. was a bit rough at times

What's next for wyshlist

A hardware management system - a handheld watcher that an employee can walk around a store with, to check to see if any beacons have died.

You can try our app in person at the expo booth!

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