I am a entrepreneur who knows how hard it is to try and start up a business.

What it does

WYO coin creates co-working space and stipends to support entrepreneurs who are trying to start up a business in Wyoming.

How I built it

Worked with another DEV to create ERC20 token, I created website and interface to purcahse WYO coins with ETH, and another web portal to purcahse WYO with Fiat.

Challenges I ran into

Making sure to comply with laws to maintain a "UTILITY TOKEN" description of WYO coin to be able to sell WYO coins without fear of the SEC.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of this is a good idea!

What I learned

Current laws in the USA are limiting the success of WYO coin, and the impact our Incubator Program could have for economic develop in the USA.

What's next for Wyoming Incubation Coin (WYO)

Building a great team. Finding great partners. Fighting for better laws :)

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