Why Wynzo?

If you want to buy and sell locally, currently Facebook Marketplace dominates. However, there are some downsides to using Marketplace. To Facebook, Marketplace is just one product out of many that needs to extract a profit. To this end, they require you to have an account and will show you listings for products hundreds of miles away. fb

What is Wynzo?

Designed to counter the hegemony of Facebook in the local trading market, Wynzo is a hyper-local trading app based on one thing, and one thing only: trading. Wynzo is designed to be used at geographic regions like schools or offices, where there's already a social network in place. This allows both local trades and fosters new relationships.

How does Wynzo work?

Wynzo's mobile app is built with Google's Flutter, giving us iOS and Android apps for free. We use Supabase for our database, leveraging their postgres offerings. We use Supabase Auth to manage your user data, and your images are kept in Supabase Storage.


We had problems keeping the UI design in lockstep with the backend design, and so we were all over the place as a result. We also had an unexplained database failure from the hours of 1900-2000 on Saturday, where no data would load.

The future of Wynzo

We plan to make trading even more local by taking user's locations and recommending the closest listings to users. We also want to integrate with more chat apps to give the user the most choice in arranging their deal.

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