Data is knowledge. Just as hospital data is important, public behavior (are they actually following CDC guidelines?) and sentiment are key leading indicators that'll help us get ahead of the curve.

We are a group of doctors, professors, researchers and technologists. We built a robust, original and representative ongoing daily survey on public sentiment, behavior and mental/financial health during COVID-19.

We are turning the data into insights for helping contain COVID-19 and better taking care of the society's vulnerable population during COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century pandemic. Sentiments are changing fast and impacts are felt across humanity: financial markets, how we do business and conduct our daily lives. This is invaluable data for immediately helpful for containing COVID-19 outbreaks in subsequent cities and academic research for years to come. BUT unless we capture them real-time, they'll all be lost.

What it does

We built three things: (1) A survey*, (2) A website to enable action from the survey, (3) A team of experts who can turn data into actionable insights for fighting COVID-19.

(1) *We built an ongoing, original and representative survey dataset on public sentiment, behavior, and mental/financial health during COVID-19. And we make it available for free for experts and amateurs.

(2) We built a website that publishes new insights around sentiment and behaviors around COVID19, collects more survey responses from the public and aides researchers.

(3) We built a team of experts who can partner with organizations, to use insights from this data to help contain COVID-19 or better take care of the society's vulnerable during COVID-19.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Put together a robust survey approved by experts; the survey would be sufficient for academic grade research.
  • Collected 500+ survey responses, enough to kick start smaller scale research.
  • Organizations already want to partner with us to use our data insights to augment their volunteer efforts.

What's next for

  • Use the data for concrete change: We're in conversations with government organizations, hospitals, communications professionals use the data to accelerate or augment the impact of their work against COVID-19. By the end of April, we want to have at least 10 such cases.
  • Scale up data collection: We're currently at around 500 data points in the Bay Area. However, in order to make this dataset for a wide range of use cases, we need to collect semi-daily data across 10 cities for at least 6 months.
  • Evolve the website into a one-stop-shop aggregator for various survey data and data bases useful for COVID-19 research real time
  • Provide volunteer survey service and data science service for organizations, using our volunteer team's unique expertise in data

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