Texas Disasters Inc. is a Global Benefit Corp. whose primary domain,, is a technology for good product, that empowers neighbors to help neighbors.

We give 100% of our profits from a $200 billion digital advertising market to good causes voted on by our verified members.

SoScial is an innovative startup capable of SAVING MANY LIVES, generating BILLIONS of dollars for good causes and addressing every single Sustainable Development Goal set out by the United Nations.

We started off as a crowdsourced volunteer controlled and operated emergency management system built on a social network platform.

I started building it because of my involvement with the volunteer rescue and relief efforts associated with Hurricane Harvey and many other disasters since.


During that time we had a whole slew of issues that could have easily been solved by having a better way of doing things.

Identify verification. Permission structure which facilitates a chain of command. Coordination queue. Resources to find specific assets and skill sets. Vetted Information distribution. And more are all part of our current MVP, which is FINALLY complete.  

Think about it, if something bad happens, we don't currently have a way to manage these situations as a whole community. If 911 is overwhelmed, like they were in Harvey, Irma, Florence, the California Wildfires, Imelda and many other disasters, you're pretty much stuck with relying on your neighbors to help you if that need ever arises.

We make that much easier, safer and more efficient. It's not just a neat idea for a nonprofit. There's a really cool business model behind our public benefit corporation as well. And it's not just for disasters either, there's MANY other ways we can solve a ton of other problems and create monumental positive change for the world.

We've been showcased at the World Economic Forum, the Moroccan Smart City Congress in Casablanca and the United Nations Blockchain For Impact!

We're going through some really exciting times, of which, we'd love to have you be a part of.   Contact me for a demo of our platform. If you'd like to learn more about how we've built this world changing platform, please check out our website. Or take a peek at this recent presentation.

If you'd like even more information, check out this deck that I recently put together.

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