My brother & I have taken over 15 online courses from & We <3 learning the content but never met anyone new, so we created a web app to match people that would enjoy working together on online courses.

What it does

A "Sorting Hat", inspired from Harry Potter, collects user beliefs. Anyone can ask any question & vote on any question. We use each user's votes to match them with the other users that have the highest intersection of beliefs.

How I built it

React.js/Redux, Typescript/ES6, Python, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Google & LinkedIn Oauth2, Express, Heroku, Chron tab,, SendGrid, & various APIs.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Trouble using's API to detect when a user leaves the site.

Greatest Satisfaction so far

Users that have responded back about how much they've wanted a product like infinity2o.

What I learned

Every problem does not have a perfect tool, but finding the right tool for the problem is an important part of

What's next for

Getting as much feedback from as much user's as possible.

Built With

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