May 26, 2015

I am submitting this original Fish Stocking Reports app @ for the Apps for Alberta Contest. I chose this theme of Fish Stocking Reports because this area invites different visitors and students to our province, either as fisherpeople, researchers or tourists.

There is a strong scientific approach to these datasets, and thank you to the scientists and haulers of the fish for pursuing this industry. The tourism or conservation industry in Alberta hopefully will incorporate my app for its’ viewers into the website portfolio.

Thank you for viewing my Fish Stocking Reports App today at

It is located at Look for an instructional video on YouTube at Official YouTube address: and

The “Fish Stocking Reports” App offers an interactive HTML website page with links to research maps, centres, newspapers, gas stations and fish stock reports.

The link to the “Fishing Updates” brings you to a web page with a fisherman and family icon that will bring you to a Fishing and Wildlife newspaper. This has updates about where a hunter may travel to vs. The tourist visiting a lake for a picnic.

The second link “Other Sites” offers information to assist travelers to a fishing site in the dataset, or another lake, about gas stations, restaurants, maps, satellite maps, and research centres for conservation issues.

The third link “Years” opens up the set of datasheets for the fish stocking activities of the years 2009 to 2014 in Alberta. The viewer of the app can see a reservoir may offer a more abundant supply of fish, as compared to a smaller pond setting.

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