It is half way through the term, and you have to wake up for an 8:30 class. Exhausted, you desperately try to find a way to stay awake for this midterm review session. coffee? Red bull? Have the person sitting beside you wake you up when you fall asleep? But what if you are one of those people who find energy drink too unhealthy to have and coffee too bitter to swallow and the people sitting beside you just don’t care enough to help? For that, our team developed a simple solution to help students. We created an app that will change your lecture experience and allow you to spend your time more effectively – staying awake in class instead of spending extra time studying at home.

The app works like this: When you launch the app, the interface, coded in java, asks you for your carrier information then starts the Matlab remote control session. The webcam starts and the image processing algorithm will identify and track if your eye balls are visible. If the pupils are not seen for a period of time, the app will send a text message via wifi and attempt to wake you up with phone vibration or notification. If your eyes don’t open within the next few seconds, your phone will continue to shake you from your dreams. Currently in the market, there are products for waking drivers up like ear pieces that vibrates when the algorithm detects the driver is risk of accident. However, the scenario is not quite transferable in the classroom. Therefore, WuzzUP is the best solution because it utilizes what students already have. Wuzzup is simple and reliable. Thank you!

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