College has been stressful, we can understand that even though people aren't feeling well things need to get done. With our website people can start to feel better.

Our website firsts asks you what is bringing you down, then it takes you to a subreddit and a video or playlist to help you out.

We worked together using Brackets and google drive to have a proper flow of work.

Since we were learning HTML as we were working, we ran into many issues like implementing custom fonts and sizing backgrounds and adding gradients. The toughest part was finding a way to display the memes and photos from reddit, we used an API already made to display reddit.

We managed to display a well functioning website and gather different embeded codes to display these. Were very proud of our work in the past 36 hours and how we managed to get an aesthetic look.

We learned HTML and CSS from scratch.

Changing the reddit display to show only photos and to incorporate more media from different sources. Also adding more content to each tab to help out the user.

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