Jon and Eli moved to the Bay with nothing but a dream: to work in SF for the lowest cost possible. This means working out of different coffeeshops, libraries, and universities. Sadly this is a gamble, since some locations have great internet, some have great seating, and some have great hours. The hard part is finding one with all three.

What it does

WURQ.SPACE helps people share where the best free places to work from a laptop are, scored by Internet speed, seating options, and hours.

How we built it

We built our app using the Ionic Framework so that it will run seamlessly, regardless of your device. We're plugging into Mapquest's Data Manager API to store each Wurq.Space's data, the Mapquest Search API to find Wurq.Spaces near them, and the Mapquest Directions API to give our Qosmonauts the best route to their Wurq.Space.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out the Mapquest API was a bit of a struggle, but we pulled through.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I drank 10 Red Bulls and did not die of a heart attack. Even got a few hours of sleep. Thanks for the wings, Red Bull!

What we learned

How to use Ionic framework to make apps really quickly. That SEO is not affected by the use of TLDs, so I'm free to use .space for ALL my projects.

What's next for WurqSpace

Adding an automated service to the app that detects when you're connected to a known's WiFi, does a speed test, and prompts the Qosmonaut to rate the seating options at the location.

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