The Problem

We've all been there: It's halfway through the month, you've run out of data, and who can possibly afford to pay those ridiculous overage fees? In Canada, data prices per MB are one of the highest in the developed world. This leaves many Canadians stuck in the spot of trying to make a decision between being connected and saving money; in a world where much of our modern day communication relies so heavily on mobile data, this is a big issue. On top of being pricey, mobile data is also incredibly unreliable. With many areas in Canada not offering coverage, many places in Europe and Asia also rely on 3G and 2G wireless technologies.

The Solution

Introducing... WUPHF! WUPHF allows you to send and receive messages through Facebook Messenger via SMS, so those times when you're not connected to the internet, you're still able to communicate with your friends without ever having to ask for a phone number again! Through this interaction with Facebook Messenger, WUPHF also gives you the capability to send and receive group messages through SMS, a previously impossible feat. WUPHF does what so many have failed to do before, it helps Canadians rely less on expensive and unreliable mobile data in a way that is efficient and easy to use.

How we built it

WUPHF utilizes Standard Library with Twilio and Microsoft Azure to forward messages you receive from Facebook Messenger to your SMS for those times when you aren't connected to data. All the user has to do is link their Facebook account and their cell number and WUPHF does the rest!



What's next for WUPHF

Big tings comin' bruv, With release 2.0 WUPHF brings connections to not just your Facebook Messenger, but it also interacts with your WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter Direct Messages.

Built With

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