Inspiration: Nowadays, looking for a job is a task that involves time and patience. We know that finding a job is not easy, and this situation is made worse for people with disabilities who are looking for a job.

First some statistics:

In the USA, the employment rate for graduates of four-year colleges,for both men and women is 89.9%. For college graduates with disabilities, the employment rate is 50.6%.

‘Labor day and people with disabilities’, In Canada, the unemployment rate for persons with disabilities is 26%, compared to the 5% for persons without disabilities. International Disability Rights Monitor, ‘Regional Report of the Americas’, 2004 And in Latin America, about 80-90% of persons with disabilities are unemployed. Most of those who have jobs receive little or no monetary remuneration. World Bank, ‘Disability and inclusive development: Latin America and the Caribbean’, 2004

What it does: Wunity is a web application designed for people with disabilities to help them get matched to jobs that match their accommodation needs through a matchmaking algorithm.

How we built it: We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and then created different web pages.

Challenges we ran into: We had many ideas but were unsure of how to come through with those ideas. Also, we weren't able to add in CSS at times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Our application is fully functional, and it helps solve a big issue in the job market.

What we learned: Since this was all of our first hackathons, we learned that teamwork is very beneficial and in order to succeed, you must have a nice work ethic and collaboration skills.

What's next for Wunity: We hope to flesh out more of the functionality that we initially intended for this web application, but due to the time restrictions we weren't able to do so.

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