Usually, during Gym Workouts, people are prone to injuries due to a lack of guidance about the correct form or posture of any particular exercise. In most cases, it's problematic for beginners to work out properly or they get trapped by myths and overload themselves leading to long-term injuries. Generally, people are not able to keep a track of their workout and hence under or over train themselves which usually hampers their Fitness goals. These issues inspired us to build Wumbell which is an AR-powered tracking service

What it does

These days everything is getting IOTfyed, hence the idea is to IOTfy Gym equipment in Gyms as well as at home.

3-D AR model to help beginners learn the right form to use different gym equipment and their exercises: Our service aims at installing QR codes on every gym equipment which when scanned through our Wumbell app enables the user to view the correct exercise posture with the help of our 3-D AR Model. The mobile app also allows the user to check the correct exercise posture anytime with the help of our 3-D AR Model

Wumbell Tag to track Workout: Along with the QR code feature, we aim at installing a piece of hardware called Wumbell tag which tracks the user workout and updates it on the app.

Workout routine to train multiple body part from specific equipment: Usually, people are aware of only a few sets of exercises limited to just one body part but the Wumbell app provides the user with multiple types of exercises for different body parts from the same equipment.

Pre-defined workout routine: Our App provides the user with ready-made workout plans prepared by specialists.

Simple UI: Our app makes the workout a lot easier as compared to existing apps just because of its simple UI design.

Promotes Fitness: With the latest technology of AR, our app not only attracts fitness enthusiasts but also attracts tech enthusiasts to get into fitness.

How we built it

  • The Hardware prototype (Wumbell tag) is built around NodeMCU which comes with an inbuilt wi-fi module to transfer data easily and an ADXL sensor that measures acceleration forces around the 3-axises.

price in INR = 350(nodemcu)+750(adxl355)=1100

price in USD= 14.85

  • We used Figma for designing UI/UX for our app and components for our video.

Challenges we ran into

  • Recent depreciation in the Sceneform plugin made it really difficult to find resources causing implementation of AR in our app really exhausting also leading to difficulties in importing the AR models.
  • There was trouble in installing Timer and Counter panel next to our AR model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully implemented AR model feature in our app.
  • Added smooth animations to our AR models. -Designed a simple UI/UX design for our app. -Assembled hardware prototype which fetches data from the environment and updates it on our app.

What we learned

  • Connecting hardware prototype to the mobile app.
  • Implementing AR from scratch.
  • Adding QR Scanner feature to our app.
  • Working together on different parts of our project remotely and compiling them all together.

What's next for Wumbell

  • Developing a market-ready prototype for the Wumbell tag.
  • Given the time constraints we were not able to make an exact copy of our Figma UI design, hence we plan to enhance the UI look of our implemented app in the future.
  • Implementing more AR models, Workout Routines, and adding more options for equipment availability.

Built With

  • arcore
  • arduinoide
  • figma
  • kotlin
  • nodemcu
  • sceneform
  • xml
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