We were mostly inspired by our own needs: Supersaver tickets (from SBB) are a convenient way to travel affordably around Switzerland. However, it is annoying to search for different destinations and check if there are supersaver tickets available. In addition, we are always subconsciously influenced by what we previously know about a location - how much better would it be to make the decisions spontaneously and without too much thought about what we already know about a certain location?

What it does

Employing the fun swiping technique known from apps like Tinder, we present various supersaver offers to different destinations on the upcoming weekend. A user can quickly and spontaneously decide if s/he likes a certain destination (based on an image and the "price the user would have to pay to see the shown view"). Once a pre-selection was made, more information is shown, and the user can decide on a single offer and buy it.

How we built it

We used the services for ticket retrieval from SBB, in addition to data about train stations, the weather, etc. We used a wide range of additional datasets to get more insights about the different locations: information from Wikipedia, from open data sources, as well as of various datasets given by other companies as part of the Hackathon. A Python server acts as intermediary and requests different offers, sorts and arranges them, combines them with additional data from other APIs (e.g., weather), and makes it available to a webapp. The webapp features a Tinder-style interaction.

Challenges we ran into

Combining the various APIs in a meaningful way was difficult. Selecting appropriate offers for a given users is also a challenge, as well as presenting the information in a fun way and ensuring a good user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create the whole application and integrate it into a well-working package.

What we learned

The last 20% still take 80% of the time ;).

What's next for Wucheänd Surprise

We are very interested in hearing the feedback from all challenge and workshop providers. Very likely we would also use the app ourselves in the future.

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