What the Hack Am I Hearing?

"What the Hack Am I Hearing?" is a small web-based game about guessing Christmas songs as quick as possible. One has 30 seconds to guess the name of each song played. The faster one guesses, the more points they get.


This project has been made using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. jQuery was used for the front-end and Spotify Web API to grab the Christmas tracks. The design of the website was, of course, inspired by the Hack the Holidays 2 counterpart.


The main challenge was learning on how to use Spotify's API, especially the process of grabbing the essential data and parsing it. Another difficulty I experienced was with jQuery, where some components refused to cooperate. However, I have managed to successfully overcome these issues, making this game playable.

NOTE: The game will not function without an access token, which is why you will not be able to play the version hosted on GitHub.

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