Nutritional labels are boring and are unable to keep the attention of many including children! Educating children about proper eating habits is critical to ensure the healthy development of the future generations.

What it does

WhatTheFood visually represents important nutritional values through the simple and elegant use of emojis.

How we built it

We held many sessions where we brainstormed ideas as well as possible implementation strategies. When we agreed on end goals we worked in parallel developing in both Android and iOS.

Challenges we ran into

All four of our members have very little to zero experience in mobile development. Major challenges involved learning the frameworks around which we could build our app, integrating OCR libraries and the setup of our environments. Furthermore we ran in the challenges in accessing and parsing the data from the OpenFood API.

Our greatest challenge however was spending the first 12 hours of the hackathon working on a different project which we realized would not be feasible. We started this project (WhatTheFood) from zero at 12AM.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we have a working demo after working hard learning the system. We are also proud of everything that we learned over the last 24 hours !

What we learned

As we actually did two separate projects we learned an exceptional amount. For our first challenge we worked on data processing and machine learning. Our members learned Python, Python ML libraries, data collecting techniques and we're exposed to the various challenges that a typical data scientist would encounter in their every day work.

For our second project each of our members learned about mobile development, library integration on a mobile platform as well as working in the small agile team.

What's next for WTFood

Obviously WTFood can be refined and further polished. The libraries that we use can be integrated better. Future features that we have planned involved a social component as well as a personal goal setting.

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