We looked at the current state of webex and thought about the features it does not have but would greatly increase its utility as professional meeting space. The

What it does

It generates a report based on the meeting recording and identifies key events to be added to calander.

How I built it

We first use the Android functionalities to record the meeting (the current record functionality in webex is very limited-hence, "fixed") in .mpeg. After that, we use the IBM Watson Speech-To-Text API to transcribe the audio as text. This text is then used as input for the parsing portion of the program which is written in Python.

Challenges I ran into

We could not find an API that we could quickly set up and get running and once we did we had lot of challenges properly wiring our program to it (IBM Watson). We also did not know its limitations and kept running into weird errors. The parsing program written in Python was written in Java previously and rewriting was tiring and tedious. One of the more annoying issues was finding an audio format that is compatible with both our recording mechanism and our speech to text API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managing to properly get the transcription

What I learned

Connecting to an online API using their authentication methods. Using gradle and maven to import dependencies.

What's next for WTF? - Webex Teams, Fixed?


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