While standing in line for lunch the idea just kinda popped in out of nowhere

What it does

It scrapes the r/wallstreet subreddit for posts on the company typed into the search bar. it then provides a list of posts on that company. when the user clicks on a post, it shows the number of upvotes the post got and the stats of the company on the stock market the day the post was made.

How I built it

I created a web app using the flask python framework. I scraped Reddit for the posts using the Python Reddit Api Wrapper. I got a huge dictionary of all nasdaq companies from a nasdaq ftp server that is updated every night. The stats of the different companies was gotten using the alpha vantage api and the front end was written using the jinja template and html

Challenges I ran into

I've never scraped a website, or called an api so i spent an enormous amount of time researching for every new feature

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished, it looks horrendous..... but, I finished.

What I learned

How to scrape reddit How to make calls to an api The importance of regularly pushing to git. Planning is important.

What's next for WSBBets

Make it possible to find the stats for other sudbreddits, Make it an extension. Implement machine learning algorithm that finds out if a post title is negative or positive in the companies favor in order to know if negative posts negatively affect companies and vise versa Much Cleaner UI make a graph to show how the posts relate to the value of the companies stock Make the api call more specific so I can see how the value changes within an hour and 2 hours of the post, etc.

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